Up and Down

“Up and Down”

How are you?
Who are you?
Look at what you did to you

Something’s wrong
You sound gone
What the fuck is going on?

Up and down
Up and down
Most go up but you go down

You need help
You need help
Please calm down, I want to

Help you
You loosen up
You breathe in slowly out
Calm down
It’s time to rest
Inside you’re a mess

Leave me be
So I just leave you be?
Is that what you ask of me?

Don’t know why and
Time goes by
We could talk, please tell me

Fall behind
I don’t mind
But I think I’ve lost my mind

Where is he?
Who am he?
Cares for you, is he still me?

From the album “In the Dream”, disc 1, track 11 — released in 2010.


Lyrics written by Boaz Peleg.

Music written by Erez Aminpour, Uri Katvan, Boaz Peleg, Elisha Rejovitzky and Ze’ev Zilberman.

Performed and recorded by:
Dorin Mandelbaum / vocals
Boaz Peleg / vocals, guitars
Uri Katvan / guitars
Erez Aminpour / vocals, bass
Tal Shaked / drums
Shai Yalin / keyboards

Mixed and recorded by Boaz Peleg.

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
@Maor Appelbaum mastering, California — U.S.A

A high quality digital download of this song can be purchased at bandcamp.
Up and Down

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