Slap the Monkey to Sleep

“Slap the Monkey to Sleep”

Hardly breathing, feeling
Mostly alive, I’m only
Slightly dead
Slightly dead

Somewhere, someone told me
I’m still alive but they were
Slightly wrong
Slightly wrong

And if the sky is falling you’ll find me in the toilet
And if hell freezes over I must be getting laid
Don’t ask me when I’ll come home
Don’t try to reach me by phone
I’m gonna get real stoned

Love you, hurt you, leave you
Pray you forgive and learn to
Play the game
Play the game

Sorry, angry, sorry
Drive me bananas, have I
Gone insane
Gone insane

And if you say it’s over we’re getting back together
And if you let me kiss you then I’m a dying man
If you invite me inside
and let me in for a ride
then leave me hanging outside
to slap the monkey to sleep

Mirror, mirror, mirror
Mirror on the wall, I’m gonna
Lose my hair
I don’t care

Craving, needing something
Sweet in my mouth, I’m gonna
eat ice cream

And I resolve refusal till someone asks me again
They make it hard to say no, and I make it hard to say yes
I want to keep my hat on
They want them naked and long
Before I knew it she’s gone
I slap the monkey to sleep

From the album “In the Dream”, disc 1, track 5 — released in 2010.

From the album “In the Dream”, disc 1, track 5 – released in 2010.


Lyrics written by Boaz Peleg.

Music written by Eli Chen-Tov, Sergei Mednikov, Boaz Peleg and Ze’ev Zilberman.

Performed and recorded by:
Dorin Mandelbaum / vocals
Boaz Peleg / vocals, guitars
Uri Katvan / guitars
Erez Aminpour / bass, vocals
Tal Shaked / drums
Shai Yalin / keyboards

Mixed and recorded by Boaz Peleg.

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
@Maor Appelbaum mastering, California – U.S.A

A high quality digital download of Slap the Monkey to Sleep can be purchased at bandcamp.

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