In the Dream – single version


“In the Dream”

Please, hold me close
Don’t keep your arms away
Stay in bed a while
Place your head
Upon my chest
Don’t be afraid
To fall asleep
And leave the world outside
For the world within us now

Ever after
We’ll linger in the dream
In the dream
In the dream

Now, I’m inside
And I feel your warmth
Smell your scent
So sweet
I caress
Your skin
So soft

Don’t you go shy
When we both know
That we were meant to be
In each other’s arms tonight

Ever after
We’ll linger in the dream
In the dream
In the dream

From the album “In the Dream”, disc 2, track 7 — released in 2010.


Dorin Mandelbaum – October 27th 2010



Lyrics written by Boaz Peleg.

Music written by Erez Aminpour, Uri Katvan and Boaz Peleg.

Orchestral arrangement by Boaz Peleg, assisted by Dorin Mandelbaum.

Performed and recorded by:
Dorin Mandelbaum / vocals, flute
Boaz Peleg / guitars, vocals
Uri Katvan / guitars
Erez Aminpour / bass
Tal Shaked / drums
Eli Chen-Tov / violins
Maya Felixbrodt / viola
Michal Alush / cello

Mixed and recorded by Boaz Peleg.

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
@Maor Appelbaum mastering, California — U.S.A

Dorin Tal Boaz

Dorin Mandelbaum, Tal Shaked and Boaz Peleg – October 27th 2010


A high quality digital download of this song can be purchased at bandcamp.

In the Dream – single version


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