Casual Beauty

“Casual Beauty”

Casual beauty
Passing me by
Running me over
Catching my eye
Dressed up like some rebel
Can’t imagine a cause to believe in
Casual beauties are always forgiven
As long as they honestly try

Casual beauty
You have no name
You don’t hear music
Playing your game
You cannot stain me, I know
All I need know about you

Casual beauties
Are lonely and bored
Whenever they’ve no one to do

Lonesome and fragile
I can’t explain
This lack of attention
Can drive me insane
But you’re dime a dozen
And dozens are dying to be near me
Those casual people with casual gestures
And a casual stare at my breasts

You can’t win me neither
And you can’t escape
I hear your music
Screaming my name
The music is screaming my name

Casual beauty
Heading my way
Walking straight through me
Your image fades
My favourite figment
Not one step further for you
Casual beauties leave casual memories
The moment their beauty’s subdued

Casual beauty
Passing me by
Running me over
Catching my eye

My favourite figment
Not one step further for

From the album “In the Dream”, disc 1, track 6 – released in 2010.


Lyrics written by Erez Aminpour and Boaz Peleg.

Music written by Erez Aminpour, Uri Katvan and Boaz Peleg.

Performed and recorded by:
Dorin Mandelbaum / vocals
Boaz Peleg / vocals, guitars
Uri Katvan / guitars
Erez Aminpour / bass
Tal Shaked / drums
Shai Yalin / keyboards

Mixed and recorded by Boaz Peleg.

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
@Maor Appelbaum mastering, California — U.S.A

A high quality digital download of this song can be purchased at bandcamp. There are slight variations in the mastering of the single version and the album version.

Casual Beauty – single version
Casual Beauty – album version

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